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Awaken with JP (You Tube Channel)

JP Sears may be one of the funniest guys in America.  He used to be non-political, but a few months back he got, if not red-pilled, at least pink-pilled.  He’s likable, clever, and at times outrageous.  As of this writing he is still on Youtube, with a channel called “Awaken With JP.”  

Check him out to watch him rip the elites, the politically-correct, and totalitarian social media.   Our side needs to laugh more — and Awaken With JP is just the thing.

UPDATE!  JP has been warned by You Tube that he is well on the way to being deplatformed, so he set up a website — https://awakenwithjp.com/ — so people can find him when (not if!) that happens.  You can get on the email list from his site to get news and updates.  His site, though apparently very new, is already robust with videos, articles, and interviews.  Give him a visit and watch a few of his recent productions!

Channel:  Awaken With JP

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