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Back in Action! An Update from Steve

I just made the first post to this site in…well, far too long!  Confession:  All the previous posts were made by my friend and comrade who set up this site in the first place.  It’s a skill I needed to add to my arsenal, acquired at last.  The implications for you, the reader, are significant; I’ll be posting on a much more frequent basis.

I plan to resume making videos, as well…Thanks to James, who showed me a setup that is much faster and easier to use, and should yield a much more attractive product, than the methods I have been using.

One question I have:  Which format  –  text or video  –  do you feel is most effective?  I suspect that my younger visitors, in particular, will prefer a video format, while the older generations (Y’know, people like me!) might prefer, or at least be more comfortable with, print.  For now, I will aim at a mix to make my site attractive to all.  And some things  –  this post, for example  –  are much  more practical in print.

Thanks for being here!

“The existence of my people is not negotiable.”



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