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Toward a New Culture

For years, the people the media calls “extremists” been warning us that our nation is decaying, that our culture is in decline, and that the Left – indeed, Communists – are conquering the country. Tune in to any right-wing talk show and you’ll hear that message repeated over and over again,

As it turns out, the extremists got it right.

Just about the only advantage of getting older is that one gets to watch things happen over a long period of time. As a person born in the late 1940’s, I’ve seen the country of my birth morph into something unrecognizable. The transformation was gradual, spanning half a century, but the result is clear: We’ve gone from a free republic to a much more regimented and regulated state. America was a nation made up overwhelmingly of people of European descent and European culture, but now it’s a multicultural monstrosity in which our grandchildren will be the new minorities.

How did all this happen?

Antonio Gramsci will go down as the most important Communist theoretician of the twentieth century. Even as the Red terror settled over Russia like a strangling cloud of poison gas, Gramsci could see that it was not working. The Russians submitted only because the Party apparatus had the power to imprison, torture, or kill anyone who opposed it. In their hearts, loyal to their national culture, the Russians refused to give their souls to the oppressors. As an economic and political system, Communism had no chance of seducing any free people.

Gramsci’s solution was to abandon politics and economics, and to focus on culture. Once the culture was in Marxist hands, the power-wielding apparatus of any country would sooner or later fall in line. To seize the culture, it was necessary to stage a “long march through the institutions” – infiltrating and controlling the arts, literature, education, the media, and other component parts of the society.

In 1923, German Communists at Frankfurt University set up the Institution for Marxism, modeled on the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow. In time, it came to be known simply as the Frankfurt School. Under Max Horkheimer, this organization forged a new Communist strategy to match new realities. It was clear even in the early 1930’s that the workers of the world were eager to move into the middle class and live better lives under free enterprise. The failure of Marxism was already evident to anyone who cared to see. Horkheimer responded by implementing Gramsci’s vision. As Pat Buchanan writes in The Death of the West, “At Horkheimer’s direction, the Frankfurt School began to retranslate Marxism into cultural terms…To old Marxists, the enemy was capitalism; to new Marxists, the enemy was Western culture. To old Marxists, the path to power was the violent overthrow of the regime, as in Paris in 1789 and in St. Petersburg in 1917. To the new Marxist, the path to power was nonviolent and would require decades of patient labor.”

The rise of Adolf Hitler in 1933 made Germany a very poor place to pursue the Marxist agenda, so the Frankfurt School moved to America. Soon, members such as psychologist Erich Fromm, music critic Theodor Adorno, and doctor Wilhelm Reich were busily laying the foundation for their “long march.”

The outcome of that march can be seen in the Biden administration, Black Live Matter, “critical race theory,” and so much more.

I believe in politics. But as the Reds know, culture is upstream from elections and legislation. Where does this leave us?

Passionate religious belief is one of the most powerful, and immediate, weapons at our disposal. Any transcendent set of values presents problems to the Marxists, and I’ll fight this fight alongside men and women of whatever religion…

But for me, the path of our ancestral Gods and Goddesses – inherently heroic, warlike, stubborn, and rooted in the values and the very blood of the European-born peoples, is not just my personal faith, it is one of the weapons I wield against our foes.

Odin…known to the Saxons as Woden, and to the Germans as Wotan…has stirred in living memory – and he can do so again. Whether you think of him as a deity as I do, or as an archetype in the collective unconscious of our race as psychologist Dr. Carl Jung did, the power is real and undeniable. My mission, and that of others in “Wotan Network,” is to invoke not only Wotan’s fury, but  –  more importantly  –  his wit and wisdom, for the survival of his Folk. In our “revolt against the modern world,” as philosopher Julius Evola so eloquently called it, he will be formidable to our foes.

Wotan mit Uns!

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