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Protecting Your Phone From the Government and Other Criminals

Everyone reading this (and for that matter everyone NOT reading this) needs protect their privacy from intrusive tech companies, hackers, and the government.  The surveillance state is not just part of a dystopian future, it is here, now, and  –  unless we can find a way to derail it  –  it will only increase its power.

You’ve got to fight back.  Resistance may be desperate, but it is not futile.  And here’s a link to a very unlikely source:  the ACLU.

The American Civil Liberties Union used to be about, well…civil liberties…but in more recent times it has been weaponized by the Left.  Still, it puts out some good information, and here’s a link to “How to Protect Yourself from Government Surveillance and Criminal Hackers.”


Enjoy…but more importantly, USE!

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