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Category: Resources and Reviews

Resources and Reviews

This is an ongoing list of interesting or useful things I find as I scan the Internet.  My goal is to point out the faint lights in the growing darkness—items my readers may find relevant, interesting or inspiring.  

I especially like to post weaponized bits of culture deserving your attention—and, most importantly, your support—especially in the case of videos that can benefit from  your “likes,” “subscribes,” and “shares.”  Taking a few minutes to do this is a sort of minimalist activismmuch better than dopamine hits on “Farcebook!”

NOTICE!  Being listed here does NOT necessarily imply that the parties below agree with me, or like, me, or approve of me or anything I have ever done… or  that they even know who I am!  Treat all these folks with the utmost courtesy and respect.

The Dig

The Dig  –  When Netflix isn’t participating in our ongoing cultural degeneracy, it produces some really good stuff…The Dig, for example.  It’s a movie about...

Uberfolk (music)

Uberfolk is a musical project whose work might be classed as “neofolk,” with titles like “Armies of Light” and “Dying Time.”    Some of the...

Singularity by Zachary Denman

Singularity is a short (six minutes plus) independent video produced by Zachary Denman, an independent film maker located in England.  It paints a future in...

Awaken with JP (You Tube Channel)

JP Sears may be one of the funniest guys in America.  He used to be non-political, but a few months back he got, if not...